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CI Informatics Ltd. provide products and services that have been proven to improve analytical laboratory productivity within Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical and Petrochemical industries.

Fusion QbD Software

The Fusion QbD software suite from S-Matrix provides a complete Quality by DesignCI Informatics partner S-Matrix to supply and support Fusion QbD across Europe. software platform, designed for use by scientists and engineers, not just statisticians. Fusion QbD offers advanced Design of Experimentation (DOE) tools ideally suited to HPLC Method Development, Analytical Method ValidationDrug Formulation, and Process Optimisation. Chromatography Data System integration and  21CFRp11 compliance ensures Fusion QbD will be your quality by design software of choice.

Fusion Pro

Just looking for Design of Experimentation (DOE) without the system integration of Fusion QbD? Fusion Pro has all the core DOE tools of Fusion QbD allowing automated experimental design selection, automated data analysis for the creation of your Knowledge Space and associated statistical reports, including response surface and effects plots. The automated Optimizer routine allows the easy identification of your “Sweet spot” and the establishment of your Design Space. This may be further refined for Robustness using the Robustness Simulator.

Fusion Inhaler Testing

With customers reporting productivity gains of up to 40%, Fusion Inhaler Testing (FIT) is the “must have” inhaler testing software for todays inhalation laboratory. Support for pharmacopeia methods USP 601, Ph. Eur. 2.9.18, and IP 27427  is a given, but most labs will require compliance tools to meet their business rules and GLP guidelines. Fusion Inhaler Testing (FIT) delivers these tools, providing a validated, compliant, and chromatography data system integrated, platform for all your APSD and DDU/UDD work.

Compass CDS

CI Informatics partner Scion Insstruments to supply and support Compass CDS in the UK.Compass CDS chromatography software from Scion Instruments offers simplicity of use with powerful calculation tools, flexible reporting and security of data. Support for a wide range of instrumentation from multiple vendors ensures Compass CDS may be installed as a single workstation or a full client/server platform servicing all your instrument needs. Versatile in application and scale Compass CDS delivers the results you need in the format you want.

Client Base:

CI Informatics supply and support customers across the UK, Ireland and Europe including many of the biggest names in the Pharmaceutical, Speciality Chemical, and Petrochemical industries.